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Sep 26, 2019 23:12:08

My draft

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I'm back, sitting in the school apartment after one day's travel. It's the first time I've been away over one week, especially not during the summer or winter vacation. 

I left in summer in a short T-shirt and returned in autumn in the long coat. So except unpacking the package, there are extra tasks to do for the new season.

I have habits that always preparing for accidents and keeping things organized as much as possible, so it's productive to do a complete reorganization after a 31-day absence.

I think it's one of the special talents that I'm not good at living comfortably but an expert at leaving in a minute and reorganizing in an hour. Because I always prepare for leaving or returning at anytime. Staying at one place as if I'll be here forever and no worries about tomorrow, that is not my way. 

Both at home and school, I am the one owns the least stuff. One reason is that I hardly buy, the other is that when I do organizations, I throw. 

(Until now, I find that each sentence begins with "I" in today's post. That's quite personal.)

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