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Feb 13, 2020 19:40:29

My draft

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Ogunfeyitimi Ayomide

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It's a year tomorrow when she thought in her heart to give Ade and his love a treat because she was just so excited and happy watching Ade happy but the excitement crashed out. She was told to be careful, so as not to have violent encounters, not to bring what is not and just stay safe. Of course, she was pained coz she was already preparing but was wise enough to choose safety and peace over embarrassment and strife. She left her excitement and good they stayed happy. She just called her loved ones and wished them well to at least feel good and today she is very happy she did. It's another Valentine's Day tomorrow, a day of love and lovers. A day to show love to every being, to those that love, to those that don't love, to those that need love, to those who deserve and those who don't deserve to be loved, to haters, despisers, philanthropists and misogynists, you know why...because everyone somewhere in their lives needs and deserves to be loved. You only get love by giving it; you only heal hate with ❤️. Love is life! God is Love! Just Love! Just God! And be peaceful...

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