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Feb 20, 2019 23:07:42

My family.

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Otto Koponen

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The thing that I appreciate most of all the things I have is my family. I couldn't handpick 2 better people from the world that would do a better job parenting me than the parents I have. I am so thankful to them for having 110% trust in me. Obviously I have done things to earn that trust but it is thanks to them that they have made it possible for me. 

My dad pushes me to my limits every day and I've learned so much from him and I look up to him every single day because he is such an amazing person from whom I have so much to learn. My mom always helps me no matter what the situation. I can always talk to my mom if something is bugging me. That means a lot to me. I've also learned so much from my mom when it comes to my social skills. I like to think I'm the "best of both worlds" -build from my parents. I have moms social skills and dads wits and interests. To me, that is the perfect mix.

Can't forget my little sister. She is such an amazing, sweet person who is always ready to help if she can. She is such a wonderful persona and I often feel upbeat after talking with her. I do need to maybe talk to her more often because she comes to my room a lot to chat but I am usually in the middle of something and can't be chatting. 

I'm so grateful and lucky to be able to call these people family. And this is only the people I live with. I'm also really close to my relatives who live further away.

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