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Mar 14, 2019 15:19:58

My first idea about time and space

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The moment I walked into the primary school classroom where almost one hundred new students of the same age as me caused a tumult of voices, I realized that I was a tiny one in the whole world where countless people were trapped simultaneously in similar stuff and in the same space. That's my first idea about time and space. 

The awareness of not the unique and essential one in the whole universe happens to everybody at some point during their life, what matters is how to react to it. At that time, as a first-grade student, I developed my own philosophy to deal with such a complex condition, changing my point of view from a personal special to a common general. For example, homework is painful for most of the students, but when you stand in teachers' shoes and then you become one of the hundreds of students among this year semester and one of the thousands of students among your teaching career. The same homework problem might brothers everyone at school each year since we are all standard productions of education manufactory. By thinking in this way, everyday routine boring stuff would be less annoying because it shouldn't be all of your life. What would distinguish you are beyond regular schedules, which may not be costly but priorities should be given.

Maybe it's not an ordinary way a seven-year-old girl responded to the first serious questions of how to deal with the conflict between the external environment and self-mind. Years later, as a grown-up, I'm still holding this view.

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