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Apr 14, 2019 07:14:22

My freelance projects all these years.

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I have been doing lots of different kind of freelance projects all these years; it's a bit funny to looks back but enjoyable enough as memory.

  1. Build up a project that sells a starter kit for a competition, that competition going to decide who will build a memorial place for one of the famous leader.
  2. A competition engine includes selling and review submission.
  3. An Internal event selling web applications that selling events to members
  4. Membership registration website that ties with client's backend
  5. Membership portal that allows displaying their member portfolio
  6. Integration payment gateway for donations of a Church.
  7. Membership system for a temple and keep track of all those tablet and urn.
  8. CRM for property agents that link with SMS system.
  9. MVP for a local shop directory
  10. E-commerce website for selling wine / cloth / bag / shoe
  11. Flash sales for an e-commerce website
  12. Full suite system for Chinese Sensei clinic, from backend inventory to front end invoice.
  13. Local interior design leads portal
  14. MVP for a local free trial products site using WordPress.
  15. Web Application for a local petrol owner to keep track of daily sales and petrol stats.
  16. a Demo app for one of the biggest local Insurances company
  17. Multi-language CMS for an International storage solution website.
  18. Rebuild an Internal CMS for a local education institute.
  19. Build an offline app for a local bank to demo their new interface.
  20. Countless information WordPress site

What a roundup, no joke for freelance since 2011, hopefully before the tenth anniversary I will be out of freelance and entirely on products.


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