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Mar 31, 2019 20:52:16

My girlfriend's idea of knowledge

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My gf was telling me of her idea of knowledge as not being an accumulation of things one knows but rather an accumulation of things you know not to be true: a blacklist of ignorance rather than a whitelist of truths. 

To her, being knowledgeable in life entails that one can accurately and quickly detect bullshit... that the bullshit detector is more important and useful to knowledge than is a diamond detector. 

Her sentiment reflects something of her world perception. I can't exactly coin or phrase this perception, but this exercises me ideating of it. None of these will be concrete, but act more as thoughts-as-a-pathway to something more concrete in the future.

- The world is filled with bullshit. Thus you need a good bullshit detector.

But if the world is filled with bullshit. then it is a haystack of bullshit. And the bullshit is all noise. Wouldn't a noise detector be useless? Wouldn't a signal detector be more useful?

- The world is filled with diamonds. Thus you need a good bs detector

If the world if filled with diamonds... then you don't need to detect them. Instead you simply need to ah ha. maybe then this is her sentiment. In a world full of dimaonds... or in this case good/useful ideas... the obstacle is not in the finding of diamonds but rather the falling victim to BS.

I like the latter better. I think it fits her sentiment more accurately. And then I'd actually rephrase it as:

In a world abundant with diamonds, you need a good landmine detector, so you don't blow yourself up along the way.


Btw, I have nothing wrong with private posts. But if you don't at least write one public post per day to keep your streak alive, really really really question why you're doing such. I'll write a more fleshed out post about this later. haha

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    @abrahamKim fascinating perspective! It sounds to me that your girlfriend adds attribute of "life experience" to "critical thinking." I've always thought that a nuanced degree of cyncism is healthy for any person.

    Victoria Maung avatar Victoria Maung | Apr 01, 2019 04:13:20
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      When you are one day in need of a writing topic, could you elaborate a post on this idea :

      " It sounds to me that your girlfriend adds attribute of "life experience" to "critical thinking." "

      I want to know more what you mean by that and am curious of its implications to your own life.

      Abe avatar Abe | Apr 01, 2019 23:03:13
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