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Jun 13, 2019 18:55:20

My interests outside of computer

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1) Sweets
Cooking is such an interesting and exciting thing. Food is what can give pleasure. Aroma, look, taste, flashbacks about important events in life... Food influence on us like architecture or art. Food is art. 
As for me, I love to cook sweets and came up with new and interesting recipes. I love to experiment in this field. In the future, I want to open a confectionary, I already have a cool idea for it.

2) Painting
I started to draw one year ago after watching one movie "Yes&Yes" by Valeriya Guy Germanika. This movie gave me an understanding of what is art. I think that it influenced on me a lot because I the mood of the movie and happenings there are familiar to me.
I draw what I see and feel. I want to publish my artworks on Instagram.

3) Making clothes
This is my third passion. I love to imagine cool looks and create it. Soon, I will make two hoodies. AND I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT BECAUSE I LOVE MY DESIGN.

I am just a creative person and want to create something. And I want to monetize my hobbies and work on it seriously but still with love.

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