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Jan 24, 2019 03:41:35

My Life is a Shitty American Football Team

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American Football can appear ridiculous to those unfamiliar with the sport. It's brutal, the rules are complicated, its scoring system seems bizarre, and the gameplay pauses and resumes in a way opposite to soccer AKA regular football.

The gear that players dawn each game is also a marvel. Unlike soccer, American football players suit up to the level of a modern gladiator. It's an arduous wardrobe, but the aggressive nature of the game requires it.

There are players on the bench, a large portion of the team actually, who never go into the game for weeks at a time -- sometimes the entire season -- while some players are out on the field every game. But regardless of whether the bench player has 0.01% chance of playing a particular game or is starting, he still suits up the same as the star player earning 15 million dollars a year. Why?

Because you never know what will happen. And sure the chances are low that the backup will need to go in, but when he is needed, he needs to be ready, which requires that same arduous gear setup every game. Over and over again.

A self conscious struggle of mine is this desire to not be a sucker. Who is a sucker in my self conscious head? Someone who does the unnecessary. Somebody who does more than others while not receiving a benefit. 

So I find myself calculating minimum amounts required of me in nearly every domain of my life so I can try to stoop to that. 

Thus my life is like an American Football team in which only the starters are wearing equipment. My life is an American Football team where the backups aren't dressed. My life is an American Football team where the backups are drinking beer on the sidelines, because hey they aren't needed right? 

My current ambition and daily struggle, or journey is a better word, is to become more like a proper American Football team. All the players are suited and ready to go. Ready so that they won't need to spend time and energy getting ready, when that time comes. Cause it's never a matter of if the time comes, but when

Somewhere along the way we lost our ability to see long-term. So much that we've fooled ourselves into believing that life is a series of if something happens or if life happens to requires a lot out of me. But the reality: yes, something will happen that will make the world require unspeakably more from you than you're capable of at the present. 

But will you be ready?

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