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Jul 08, 2019 21:34:19

My magical hat

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After my magical table, I'll introduce my magical hat.

There is no one under 22 in graduate school, which means there are conquered by black, grey, blue and white cloths, which are regarded as you're ready for your 30s.

I have to admit that it's not my style.

If you see a girl wearing a bright yellow hat, that's me.

"I recognize you at once, your hat is eye-catching!" My friends told me when there are crowds of people in the meeting room or school restaurant.

I could imagine the picture that there is a point of bright yellow jumping out from hundreds of black head immediately.

Though I wear it on purpose to admire myself, a side effect of eye attraction is unavoidable.

After wearing sunglass indoors, keeping the camera on all day, making the drawer as a table, ... I'm quite experienced in being the different one in public (though only in school) and convince others it's good.

Also, I got a surprising accomplishment: social confidence.

I'm not a people person, still not now. But I do enjoy myself more in public occasion after getting used to for being looked at.

In the end,  I have to add that yellow, bright orange, bright green, bright pink, ..., are all in my closet.

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