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Jul 05, 2019 20:08:44

My magical table

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I wrote a post of "make the most use of my space" days ago.  #4 is pulling out the standing drawer which is under the desk in the corner to be a new tiny table for my notebook and pens.

After 4 days, I have to say it's the best part of my life now! 

Though the standing drawer on wheels is too small for over two books, it's a magical table!! 

Look, it could do a smooth 360 rotation as well as great mobility, perfectly suits for my frequent gesture changing habit. 

What's more, there is my smaller PC on it other than the notebook, because when I stand up to whiteboard for a brainstorm, the PC on wheeling drawer could turn around with me at the same time.

The most interesting part is that it's a drawer as a table not a table with drawers, which means except my PC on the top, there are other necessities just organized in the drawers ready to get in a second. 

As a result of that, my table is clean and all my kinds of stuff are in drawers but I feel not inconvenient at all.

Plus, now my space in the corner was called the "magical coner" by others.

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