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May 03, 2019 14:22:04

my plan to take over the world

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lolcode-babel-macro is making tremendous progress! Huge win for the JavaScript ecosystem 🀘

Getting stuck on conditionals tho pic.twitter.com/JEPeQAp5yy

You might think this is a trivial pursuit and a waste of time. Why would anyone want to write LOLCODE in JavaScript right?

Ugh lolcats, didn't we collectively agree to forget about those 10 years ago?

You're right. It IS silly. Why WOULD anyone want this? Here's whyπŸ‘‡

Think of this compiler as a first step. It's a great learning experience and immensely intellectually gratifying

1) I learned how to build a babel macro, those are great. Just ask @kentcdodds

2) I learned that language extensions are harder than just macros. Ask @jtomchak


AND through this project and my earlier projects with Markdown extensions, I am learning how to play around with and be creative with ASTs. Abstract Syntax Trees.

Those are incredibly important and very useful.

Playing with ASTs opens up another possibility πŸ‘‡

Machine learning algorithms that write code.

That's right. Now that I can translate code into an AST and an AST back into code, I can start playing with machine learning algorithms that can manipulate an AST.

With a machine generated AST, through some sort of reinforcement learning or similar, you could write part of a program, or just its tests, then unleash an army of a thousand monkeys to finish it up for you.

And that opens up so many possibilities it ain't even funny.

So yeah I'm just playing around with a LOLCODE-to-javascript Babel macro

And I'm also learning the building blocks to building an AI that writes its own code.

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