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Dec 16, 2019 22:51:36

My Professor

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You don't learn something once. Our lessons that have stick around have been learned again and again, they enter us and we absorb it. But not forever. Kind of like food.

When auditing my 28 years of learnings, the wisdom I attribute the most of my goodness to, the essential thing that makes me matter to anyone else, were gifted to me by my mom.

My mom is not a wise or intelligent person from societal's definition. And I think that was a great blessing in our relationship, because her teachings were the best type. 

Instead of pedagogical teachings designed to maximize effect, hers were simply a single human simply imparting onto another the values dearest to her. Not a lesson. A gift.  

This Saturday while leaving the Farmer's Market I felt a realization. Not all kids who'd been taught by their parents to be kind had that same experience. Children have a good BS detector and they can tell when a parent says happiness and kindness are all that matter ... they can sense that there's a tinge of some pedestaling of success in there. happiness and kindness are all that matter, so long as you have this level of success.

One of the greatest gifts of my life have been that I got to spend the majority of my first 26,000 hours with an individual who truly did actually believe it. Maybe even stupidly so. But I believe in that stupidity. What a blessing.

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    @abrahamKim - what a blessing!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Dec 26, 2019 23:59:45
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