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Dec 19, 2018 00:07:44

My reflections after two weeks on 200wad

by @m1guelpf PATRON | 204 words | 80💌

Miguel Piedrafita

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After doing the 200 words a day challenge for two weeks, I'm starting to feel kind of drained. It's like I'm out of ideas, inspiration and motivation. The only thing that has been motivating me to continue writing everyday is the streak.

I also have to admit I've cheated a little. I published an unfinished draft yesterday and the day before that (apparently there isn't a name in english to name the day before yesterday, there is one in spanish) instead of writing (I'm out of drafts and thus out of excuses now, but it still feels wrong).

I think I've fallen into the media trap. When I started this was just a fun thing I was doing, now I'm starting to thing about my 200wad as articles that have to go into too many revisions and look perfect, and that's exactly what I was trying to escape from by using this platform.

So, for the next days, I'm gonna try a new thing. I'm not gonna delete anything I write here. If a word is typed, I cannot edit nor remove that word anymore (except for typos). Hopefully this way I'll stop censoring myself and expecting everything to look perfect before I hit publish.

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    @m1guelpiedrafita "I'll stop censoring myself and expecting everything to look perfect before I hit publish." writing is like making :) don't look for perfection at the first attempt

    Find a topic (writing prompts can help you with that in the Writing tools section). Write one sentence. See if you get momentum. Don't do early editing.

    And yes writing a piece beforehand won't help you to learn how to fight resistance by sheer willpower. It's a battle to fight every day :)

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Dec 19, 2018 05:47:57
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    @m1guelpiedrafita - don't worry. people like to see other humans doing things like they might.

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Dec 19, 2018 04:57:56
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    @m1guelpiedrafita hi miguel, this feeling is only normal. Maybe this piece https://200wordsaday.com/words/teachings-from-writing-10-years-9005c1764b821604 might give some inspiration and be a bit nicer to yourself aka dont be a perfectionist aka dont be afraid of what others might read aka just write

    lowen flowen avatar lowen flowen | Dec 19, 2018 04:25:15
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    @m1guelpiedrafita this happened to me too and I shared a couple drafts I had but I felt it went against the point I started this which was to develop a habit of writing. Now I'm just trying to write more naturally about whatever comes to mind that day.

    Keenen Charles avatar Keenen Charles | Dec 19, 2018 01:13:21
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