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Jan 03, 2019 07:10:21

My Review of 200WaD

by @luis | 364 words | 12💌

Luis Barragan

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So now that I have been using 200WaD for two days and written well over 200 words so I think that I am more than qualified to give a review of this platform. 

The Concept 👨‍💻

The concept behind 200WaD is very simple. Visit the site every day and write two hundred words. Bam! 💥  that is it. Right? Wrong, it seems that trying to come up with a topic is really hard. I see people trying it out for the first time and trying to stretch what they are trying to write about just to hit the goal. Maybe that is what you're supposed to do? 🤷‍♂️

The Issues 🤬

These are issues I have come across in my short time here. First, the timer, which I will talk about separately 😃. Second, is the icons next to each post - Fire, Envelope, and Paper? At first glance, they are confusing they are not related to a specific post but to the user. So I am not sure if it makes sense to show them on the homepage. At first, I thought it was maybe comments or likes but it wasn't. Third,  I searched for the FAQ page but it seems that one does not exist. Something about reading a FAQ page that just gives off that reassuring feeling. 

The Timer ⏲ 

The biggest issue for me is the countdown timer. "It is Jan 03, 2019 at 200WaD." but for me, it is still Jan 02, not Jan 03. It is only 9 pm for me in California but the countdown timer is at 17 hours, 13 minutes and 7 seconds which would mean I need to write every day before 2 pm to get my goal for the day. 

The Takeaway 😊 

200WaD is not unique but that's not bad. It's basically a micro-blogging platform. There are several other platforms just like this but they have unnecessary features, ads all over the place, or try charging for basic features to make you pay. The good thing about 200WaD is that it has the cleanest and simplest approach - click Write and you are given a blank canvas the only thing missing are your words.   

364 Words sweet! 😎 

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    @luisbarragan thanks for the feedback! :) Added the FAQ idea + icon tooltips on the public roadmap. For the timezone management, I'm trying to do it asap but I have lots of features/bug fixes on the plate ? so please wait for a bit! Mornings ain't bad for habit forming though

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 03, 2019 20:01:31
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      @basilesamel totally agree mornings are not a bad time. Glad you liked the feedback. Great job on 200WaD this is definitely something I am going to be using. Looks like 200WaD has a bright future ahead.

      Luis Barragan avatar Luis Barragan | Jan 04, 2019 00:39:07
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      @luisbarragan awesome! excited to see your future progress :)

      Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Jan 04, 2019 08:56:15
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    @luisbarragan nice entry! Gonna use this idea of writing a review of 200wad too for one of my posts haha. Thanks!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Jan 03, 2019 07:30:37
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