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Feb 06, 2019 19:17:04

My thoughts [1] (16/333)

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1. When you speak something, your voice must come from all your body, not only from vocal cords. When you speak properly, your body feels vibrations. It is like punching fist in boxing. When you throw perfect punch, energy comes from all body. You don't fist only with arm.

When you are doing what you love, merge with it, give all of yourself, feel the moment to take everything from this, because everything have end (but I hope that people invent elixir of life soon).
Hmm, I think that this hope shows that I am afraid to miss moments and I hope to feel moments in the future (not now). Because I won't miss moments in the future. Oh, no, I just want to live.

Live like you are fighting in box or speaking. 

2. Have you ever heard about people who don't finish their doings? 

I'm one of them (sometimes, and that's okay)! I have a lot of notebooks with used first ten pages. Why are notebooks so much? When I start something new, I get a new notebook for that even I start "something new" again. 

Recently I started keep a notebook, that I already used. But I started writing from the end. This thing is for everything, because I don't like when notebooks are organized, it makes me unorganized.

So, my advice for you: start using notebooks from the end.

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