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Feb 07, 2019 06:56:38

My thoughts [2] Miracles (17/333)

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Sometimes, when I feel stuck, I take my notebook, write and try to understand reasons why I'm stuck. To be honest, some times ago, after I started doing it, I thought that it's stupid to write down your problems or feelings on paper. So, we have mind to think, why do I need to write? 

Now I don't think so, because I sure that writing helps to deal with the problems. 

Yesterday I wanted to write why I procrastinated all day into the notebook. I could understand the reason if my thoughts didn't make me think about miracle (as a human's success)...

Some people look at successful, in their opinion, people, and they think that they never become success, because these success people become successful, because miracle happened to them and they are lucky.

The reason why people believe in miracles is that they see only result, they do not know that there is a lot of work to achieve the result.

One of the miracle component is luck. There are two kind of luck. 
The first and the most rarely is when a human appeared in a right place and time by chance. 
The second is when a human goes to a right place in right time. Example: one boy builds a product, he starts to become friends with other boys and girls who make products. So, he creates an environment around yourself (it's right place). And he launches a product in right time (any time is right in right place). 

Some people say that miracles do not happen. Miracles happens if definition is "a work on yourself and achieve the result".

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