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Jan 04, 2019 03:46:04

My Thoughts on Japan

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Today's topic is about my thoughts on Japan. On 17/12/18, I went on a 6-day holiday to Tokyo, Japan and made a journal throughout the trip. When I came back, I wanted to share these thoughts for those who want to go to Japan and those who are there already. I hope you enjoy Reading!

I loved Japan because of the way the Japanese were very polite and has a strict policy of organizing rubbish. Another reason I loved Japan was that of my interest in technology and since Japan was the core of futuristic technology, I was incredibly amazed.

The things I didn't like was that most of the Japanese are not fluent in speaking English and mostly they get confused about what we were saying. I also noticed there weren't many English-learning schools.

My favourite place was Disneyland because of the way they used animatronics in their " storybook rides" and also the way they used different lightings to make it brighter to see during the " Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights".

The place I recommend to go is Asakusa because of the iconic "Thunder Gate". If you want to go shopping or try some Japanese tidbits, Try out the nearby "hawker centre" to try some traditional snacks and some artefact hunting. You should also try going to the temple to purify yourself and pray there. The famous Tokyo Skytree is also nearby. To travel there, you would have to take a taxi or the heavy rail train to Tokyo Skytree station.

That is the end, I hope you enjoyed reading!  

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    @randrianriveloalexanderrio This is a great overview of your trip!

    Gene Lim avatar Gene Lim | Jan 04, 2019 15:57:26
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