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Jun 06, 2019 19:08:40

My toys and room.

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I am laying on the bed and waiting for reading a book. The bed is so warm and nice. I lay not alone, I am with my toys. Here is four toys: small pink Turtle, Alpaca, Bear and Rabbit. Sometimes I put them on my body, but now they are near my leg.

I am looking at my wall with Shishkin's pictures. In the future, I want to have a room where I can hang my pictures on white wall. Hm, maybe this can be happen on an exhibition's wall? Yes, I draw and I have a small dream as a lot of people who draw to show my pictures to world.

Yesterday I got an idea about my personal brand. And I am very excited to start working on it.

About my toys. I call Alpaca as Lamochka-Alpacachka, she can pull her leg. She has Dino, he is her husband. Dino is smaller than Alpaca and he is plastic and lives on my laptop.

Turtle is big and very heavy (no of course). She wants to make everything flat as she is. When Turtle lay on you, you can't to put her off, because she is heavy. Also, she loves BDSM.

Bear is very big, he is with me from my birth. He is in love with Turtle. They both have children: Alpaca and Rabbit.

Rabbit is small and nice. He has good tail. He is in love with one of my snakes or with a worm ... I don't remember.

About snakes. I have two snakes and one worm  made from wires. One of them is Alpaca and Dino's child and one of them is Rabbit lover. And one of the snakes is a Rabbit and someone's child.

That's hard.

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