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Jun 04, 2019 22:20:05

My Week With Apple

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Craig Petterson

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I've had an iPhone XR for over a week now - which is not quite the latest model, compared to the iPhone XS. I really didnt't know what to expect. Since I've had a smart phone, it's always been an Android. I previously had a Samsung Galaxy S8, so I'm not comparing the same generation of phones, but it's such a jump in quality.

Apple has always had this quality look about it. Sleek, clean, equisite but simple design (let's just ignore the new Mac Pro Cheese Grater, though…)

I've never previously tried out any Apple product due to two high barriers to entry;
1) price tag!
2) existing saved data

Even most of the phones come with an additional (close to) 50% extra on a monthly subscription compared to Android.

I got a good deal this time, with extra mobile data and I've gotta say - it's beautiful! As with the design, it's such a sleek, clean, equisite but simple experience. I'm most impressed by the sheer speed of applications, especially Apple Pay and the facial recognition software.

One of the decided factors was Apple's approach to privacy. Of course, large corporations (which certainly includes Apple) gather lots of data, but Google's privacy is getting to be a bit of a joke.

I'm just concerned about the integrations between phone, watch and laptop. Apple is likely going to be a new money sink that I probably didnt need…

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    @craigpetterson Glad to hear you are enjoying the iPhone so far. I have been a loyal iPhone customer since I waited in line for the original one in June of 2007 when it was then called the "Jesus phone."

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 04, 2019 15:31:14
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