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Jan 09, 2019 12:38:14

My working background

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So at the beginning of February 2018 after an amazing trip to Japan and Korea, I came back to my home town. 

For better understanding, here is my background. I have a masters degree in Computer science It sounds nice but my university wasn't really prestige. And all my studying was more just for the student status itself than that I would be actually interested in computer science. Even my high school was oriented around computers but I must say I am not definitely an IT guy and my knowledge is pretty basic. I did some website projects during my student years but mostly just using Wordpress and doing just some easy adjustments in HTML and CSS. I would say in these days anybody can learn it within one month with some online course.  

Anyway, during my last year at the university, I started working like an Email Developer (just editing premade templates not coding from scratch) for quite a big company. It was a pretty easy job with a good salary so, in the beginning, I was kinda enjoying it but still, there was no passion no interest in doing it, just classic boring 9 to 5 job and actually the only thing which was keeping me alive was that I knew I was going to leave to Canada. In the end, I have been working there for 2 years and 2 months. If nothing its good reference to my CV, right?

In Canada, I was working as a cook in some coffee chain but it was pretty good experience cuz before I couldn't even cook for myself:) but I can tell you, man can learn really everything. Anyway, the main goal was to improve my English and get to know a new country and meet new people and everything exceeded my expectations. .. just one thing I didn't find there, the purpose of my life hehe...

OK, that was something about my working background. next time I will go through my first months back at home.

Stay tuned. Efran.

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