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Jun 07, 2019 21:40:04

My Writing

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Hello everyone,

I don't know what to write, but I really need to understand how to write an essay or any thesis. I have no idea about an introduction or supporting ideas and conclusion. Yes, I have read about some rules to write an essay, however, when it comes to writing I find nothing to write. Like choosing any subject and describing it in my own words or my opinion. I know the main problem that is my lack of interest in writing. Nevertheless, I will try to learn writing, because it's required by my chosen field. And now I am thinking what to write next to complete 200 words requirement 😌 . Well, I wish I could have some good ideas just from the scratch. No body would believe that I am the person who wants somebody to hold my hand and make me learn writing.  🤭. Anyways I have to keep going or keep writing so I could get my brain ready to use while writing and I think it would also help me learn spellings because I make spelling mistakes usually. I am curious to know how it works but not sure when it will come true. And for that I have to stay positive.

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    @noor Looks like you're a natural. You started writing, you put your thesis statement up top (expressing your difficulty with writing), you used most of the body to describe the problems you have with writing, and then you concluded with a re-hash on the introduction; writing is difficult, but you have to stay positive (so that you eventually succeed).

    Doesn't seem like you're having that much trouble at all. Keep going.

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Jun 07, 2019 23:32:21
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    @noor Congrats on your first 200! You've already crossed what I personally felt was the biggest hurdle, which is getting started :)

    Zainab Mirza avatar Zainab Mirza | Jun 07, 2019 21:32:29
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    @noor Congratulations on your first post. You picked a great place to start working on a writing habit. Welcome to the community.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jun 07, 2019 10:59:13
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