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Jan 28, 2019 23:20:22

My Writing Plan for 2019 Q1 (Pt 1)

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Gary Vee often expresses his enormous regret of not documenting the dark years of his career. Dark years is a period invisible to history, that part of someone's life that is formative to their eventual development, but intangible to historical viewers because of its lack of documentation.

This might be the period of time when an artist is producing a lot, but not saving it, thus no collection is persisted for the future to see. This might be the time -- in Gary Vee's case -- when one is was growing his dad's generic liquorstore into one of the first premier wine retailers in the world.

Gary wishes so badly that he'd documented his dark years. And he wishes that all the other admirable folks in this world had done so as well. And now he is imploring all of us, wherever we might end up in the future to begin documenting ourselves right now during our own dark days. 

His reason, which I agree with, being to shatter the common perception people have of overnight success and luck. 

He argues that becausea person's life and their work process falls into limelight only after they've made it. Because people are ashamed to show how they are while they are down. Because we are all waiting to show ourselves off only once we've made it, there persists this warped sense of how much work and how unsexy that necessary work is to achieve what most desire.

And so Gary implores you to document and share how you are working now, even though you are a nobody. So that if you do make it to some high level of achievement, then people won't be able to say 'well yeah, you're just saying that now cause you've made it! Easy for you to say!'

Gary shares that many have said such to him. This is why he has begun to document himself and the way he works. Because at just over 40, he claims he's just getting started and he wants to share everything so that the future will have all all the evidence at their fingertips.

Sorry that I didn't get to my 2019 Q1 writing plan. I needed to outline this, before I can do that. But tomorrow I'll share my actual plan.

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    @abrahamKim What a tease! I want my money back.

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Jan 28, 2019 23:23:53
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      Cha ching. here's your Refund!

      We're so sorry for your inconvenience! haha

      Abe avatar Abe | Jan 28, 2019 23:26:37
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