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Feb 23, 2019 21:51:08

Myfave experience

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I m a beginner user for this local payment + deal services - MyFave. So far it doesn't cover lots of shops that I usually will go, but because of promotion deal and cash back, I m using it to explore some new places for food.

I just bought a deal with 20% discount two days ago, basically, for RM50 food, you pay for RM40 + my previously RM5 cash back. Which mean I can eat RM50 food and pay RM35, it seems like a good deal.

So I do my homework before buying the deal, checking the review of that cafe on the deal page seems positive. I visit the cafe facebook page, the food photo looks not bad too but not many reviews, so I thought to give it a try. One of my biggest mistake for today meals.

I bring my wife and kids there for lunch; we order a spaghetti, a burger and a chicken chop. Our rating for the service is 4 out of 5 stars but the food is 1 out of 5 stars. My chicken chop is a chicken chop with coffee taste, doesn't feel tasty. My wife feeds my kids the spaghetti and says that it seems like the material is not fresh. When my wife ask the waiters how come the burger bread is so hard ( it's hard, you can use the bread hit the plate and bread shape doesn't change at all ), it seems like they have no clue. Their way of resolve is just giving us another 10% discount for the bill.

Overall is a lousy meal, when I post my actual review on the myFave app, it just hides it without showing and say the agent will contact us to follow up. Now I know why there is no single bad review for this cafe.

I m discourage to use the app to buy any more deal or should by from famous cafe then new cafe.

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