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Mar 11, 2019 23:38:19

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It's been a tough day, a tough night. I launched a product! Was it a terrible failure or something very fun? I don't know, but it was interesting!

After sharing it in the Russian Figma chat on Telegram, first of all I got a ton of negative responses! Nobody seemed to appreciate the “fun” part of it. It was so stressful — to see in real time how people react to the thing I spent a whole week on!

I embraced it, I agreed with everyone and tried to foster the constructive conversation — in the end it worked! People started sharing their ideas not only for the interface but also for the features. Some of these ideas weren't new, but others were very interesting. I could implement them in the future!

Here are three lessons I learned from this emotional rollercoaster experience:

  1. I should have launched much earlier just for the proof of concept. Launch an MLP, not a finished product. It will save you a lot of time and work.
  2. Have fun — don't take things too seriously! You will need those nerve cells for other things. (I totally lost quite a few!)
  3. Embrace negativity and turn it into positivity! Embrace and pivot.

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