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Feb 19, 2019 07:33:53


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Victoria Maung

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Today was a major work day woe.

For a combination of classes and schoolwork, I ran into issues with Autodesk Maya, MAXON Cinema4D, and Autodesk Fusion 360 repeatedly. 

I'm relatively new to 3D modeling, only having spent one whole semester on it so far. The learning curve has been steep, but manageable. Normally, when I run into an issue, I search forums and YouTube videos for solutions, and generally figure it out then find a workaround.

Not today. I swear I have Midas' touch for 3d software. This morning, I was working with bad OBJ files and searched high and low on how I could potentially get them into Maya, only to be able to import my 24 models into Tinkercad manually and export each of one of them as STLs to get them to show up in the Maya workspace. 

Then this afternoon, molecular visualization in Cinema4D using cellular public data of the ebola virus didn't work out well either. Rendering kept disappearing my virii from my sphere, and thorough troubleshooting left no breadcrumbs, so I just had to recreate my scene. 

Lastly in the evening, Fusion 360 gave me all sorts of rendering and UI troubles. Not even going to get started. These issue seem minor in retrospect, but when it takes course over countless wasted hours, it's frustrating. 

I'm by no means a techie, but I wonder if I can empathize with one now, as I imagine this might be close to how running into software bugs is consistently. 

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