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Aug 05, 2019 23:10:18

Naming Is Hard

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Craig Petterson

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As a lot of you know, the Fixathon has started. We made some progress on Sunday, albeit after being let down by one of the team mates. It wasn't really a problem, we're all very busy right now.

We've been thinking about what technology to use. All the technical members of the team are proficient in Ruby on Rails, so it made sense to to utilise those skills.

No-one is proficient in any kind of mobile development, so we've struggled a bit with that. After consulting our colleagues at work, we're going to give Flutter a go. We're not sure it will be exactly what we want, it's a new, immature framework that apparently can't handle large, complex applications very well. So, it's a good job our idea is tiny.

Today, our designer shared some sneak-peaks of their initial design for our app. It looks awesome! Very old school style, with a pastel palette. We just need a web view for our splash page and we can launch that immediately. I'm hoping the design will be available tomorrow, so I can work on implementing that tomorrow evening.

The name is eluding us though.

Our initial designs used the name "Sortie", but we're unsure of the name for several reasons; it translate to "exit" in French, the .com domain is £41,111.66 - with the other top level domains being ridiculously priced.

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