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Feb 11, 2019 23:25:24

Never hide your teacher

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Seun Oyebode

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Some speak as though, they were never taught. Some even say it.

Nobody taught me.

I learnt from no one.

That's funny. Very funny.

They give credit to nobody. They never mention their teachers. They never associate with them. 

They think it is deriding to do so.

They are wrong.

They think doing so means you're not original. 

They are also wrong. 

They are fueled by the media that hypes "self-made", as if it were a thing.

There's no one completely self-made.

Gladwell noted in Outliers, we all owe something to parentage or patronage.

There's nothing wrong in making reference to your teachers.

Nothing wrong in giving people credit if they inspired you. Nothing wrong in quoting who you learned from. For one it shows you're worth listening to.

Whoever says he learns or learnt from no one is a fraud.

Even Clark Kent was taught a thing or two by Jonathan Kent. 


Your teachers could be anybody; parent, guardian, school teachers, friends, colleague, boss etc.

Reference them when you need too. If peoples words and wisdom have inspired and influenced you, quote them. It's not demeaning.

Those who write about "self-made" are laughable.

Be honorable.

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    @seunoyebode - Love it. 100% agreed.

    Keni avatar Keni | Feb 11, 2019 18:29:30
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    @seunoyebode thank you for your post.

    Very interesting topic. Have not come across anyone who's said that to me, and it would be a very odd thing to believe, or purport. The ego is very strong and acts in any way it can.

    Julie Browne avatar Julie Browne | Feb 11, 2019 17:14:35
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      @juliebrowne Thanks. Very very odd.

      Seun Oyebode avatar Seun Oyebode | Feb 12, 2019 07:18:35
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