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Jul 08, 2019 21:28:35

new video

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Almost forgot. If you cannot write the post as soon as possible its always hassle. Thinking to try to check it during the morning .. actually wanna work more in the morning in general .. will see if I'm able to wake up earlier I always just promise haha. 

I also uploaded a new video to my channel but made it yesterday. You can check the video here: Coda - How to check if all the data are filled (using extra columns)

Today I am a little lazy to write. I also kinda started my new project. I wrote a little beginning post but that's it haha. I am gonna tell you about it when there will be more content. Wanna write 3 or 4 better posts until I make it public but I can say just, it will be about no-code tools. Wow so original, right haha but I think I can at least enjoy it to work on it. :)

I gave up with the WordPress template and I used just the basic one. I am gonna pick better one later. Now it's not that important.

Oka that's it.

Let's go boxing. Recently I keep going there twice a week, I know it's not a lot but better than nothing.


Stay with me. Efran.

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