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Mar 18, 2019 07:02:24

New Work

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Brian Ball

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This whole time he held the wrong definition of work. He was on his computer all day every day. He was writing and sketching designs though he wasn't paid for either.

If I'm not getting paid, it's not work, he thought.

Delayed in time but a quick-in-effect, Google search revealed that 'work' is activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a purpose or result.

He was getting results. Some. He was writing words on sites like 200wordsaday.com and 750words.com; long streaks of 100 days and more. No money. No income meant it wasn't work. But, the new definition reveals there's a New Work. Results don't always mean Money.

Work is just activity that gets a result. A job includes results that earn income.

He was getting results. He needs more income.

To get paid for results, he'll have to interact with the world differently. 

@basilesamel needs to interact with the world differently. He needs to get paid MORE than he is getting paid now. Me too.

"But, he already has PATRONS!" you say. 

"But not enough." I counter.

"Ask for more." you say - in a not-even-drunk or over-caffeinated tone. Just basic, matter of fact statements emerge from your lips. "Yeah, ask for more."

The New Work might have a component of honesty that old work didn't. 

When you don't need more money, you can produce results without pay. It's great. When you need more income, you eventually need to ask. 

The advice I'd give myself is to ask the people who have already given me money. They have already pulled the trigger once. If they respond at all, they'll probably respond positively. If they don't respond with cash, they might respond with great ideas and support. 

Support and Ideas are currency in this realm. It's the New Work.

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