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Dec 10, 2018 07:43:00

New Year Questions for 2019

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Day 4 of the #200wad challenge. What questions am I asking in life, family and work for 2019?

I collect questions. 


I believe asking the right questions is better than finding the right answer (note: singular). Because answers are fixed and outdated the minute I find it, but questions allow me to constantly seek new answers when old ones get outdated. Answers get old, but an old question can always find new answers. 

Because answers always end with a full stop, while questions end with a hook. A hook on a fishing line, cast ahead to seek out more answers. Ever-changing new answers for us souls that's always becoming, always growing.

Questions puts me in a state of openness and curiosity, because when you ask a question you cannot help but be so (unless it's a rhetorical question which is not the point here). 

Instead of new year resolutions, I ask new year questions. Here are my 2018 questions for 2019:


How can I make more products/stuff that enables me to make a living off making?

How may I create more from imagination and wonder?

If no one is looking and cares to look, what would I create? Can I create just for an audience of one - myself?

How can I work alone yet scale my products/work beyond what a solo maker can achieve on his time alone? Should I work alone in the first place?


How may I earn enough for my wife, family, parents so that we may live comfortably?

How may I say no with more respect and kindness, confidence and conviction, especially to myself?


How do I have more time and presence for my family, wife, and ageing parents?


What does the world need more of, that I can contribute to?

How can design ethics and values - and a point of view into larger society and collective values - play a bigger role in my work?

Where in the world do I want to go next?


How do I distance myself from needing the approval of others, and work towards being fiercely and unapologetically my own person?

How may I refresh my spiritual practice, in a way that reflects what I need in the present moment while projecting towards the future, compared to how I did it in the past?

What new growth experiences do I need next year? Which parts of my life do I need to challenge myself (again)?


How may I create lifestyle habits that brings me well being now?

How do I prepare myself towards well being in the next 20 years?

How do I move more, sit less?

What might a life without ice cream, coffee, fried junk food, dairy look like? 

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