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Apr 18, 2019 13:37:02


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I suppose today's post should be inconsequential and nothing of substance since everyone is busy scrutinizing the just-released Mueller report. 

When there is a media frenzy about a particular story, it reminds me of my idea for creating a news site that I would call the Non-News News. The rule for this site would be if a story appears on any of the major news sites, it would NOT appear on the Non-News News site. There is supposed to be diversity in our news media, but when you go to different news sites and see the same topics and same stories I beg to differ. So, if you want those stories stick with your traditional news sites. Otherwise, maybe you would enjoy reading the Non-News News.

In other news (pun intended), I can't stand when there is a local news promo telling me there is valuable information but I have to wait to hear it. "New at 10--This grocery store item is part of a massive E. coli recall. Do you have it in your refrigerator?" Well I don't know because you didn't tell me what it is! If it's that important and you care about my wellbeing, tell me now and don't make me wait! Actually, if I do happen to hear one of those ads I just go online and find out in two seconds. 

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