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May 07, 2019 23:07:00

Newsletter - Twenty Something

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If i could write a note to all 20 somethings, it would kinda go like this.

Start Early

Start doing what you love and start early. What you love or what you think sparks joy for you, work on it very early in life.


It seems as though this world was made for work. Think of it, when was the last time you tried making an excellent meal for yourself. You’d find out it is work. The most annoying part is, the time spent eating is so low compared to the time spent making the meal LOL. That’s a cheeky example, but you only need to look around to observe that work is that activity we do most as humans.

Your career work is where you’d spend the most part of your adult life. You want to ensure, it is one that fulfills you.

If you’re currently working a job that pays the bills and it’s not what you’d say you really love. Work that 9-5 and work on your dreams for the rest of the day before bed. It’s a sacrifice your 30 something self would thank you for.


Read. Ensure you read.

Either read many or read few intensely, just read.

By the way, reading 1 zillion books in a year may not be that smart, because what counts is application.

If i’d give you a strict instruction, find a book that you need and double down on it in a period of time. Read it a million times instead.

If you find that boring, then go ahead and read 50 or 100 books in year.

Never Trust The [Social] Media

Yeah, you read that right. On social media, everybody is always having fun. People rarely post about how and when they work. But they post about fun always, you almost think that is all about them.

That impression is misleading. People work. Many just don’t talk about it on social media, which is normal.

You shouldn’t think because many throw the word “fun” around often means there’s nothing laborious that there doing. Ask any programmer.

How do i know people work?

Oh common, any developmental thing you see or use was brought to life through concerted effort. Including the stuffs that make fun available.

Don’t have a detest for hard work, either subtle or pronounced.

Am i saying go cancel all your HBO and/or Netflix subscription. Not at all. I’m not a fan of those who say such, I’m about to start La casa De papel myself.

The point is, don’t hate work. At every point in time, be working on something. Let it be that you’re taking a break from work to rest, not that you are taking a break from prolonged idleness to go work. Unemployment isn’t an excuse not to build a good work ethic. When you do get that job, you’ll be glad you built your work ethic while out of job.


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    I really like your relationship with the concept of work.

    Also based on your thoughts on reading, I completely agree. let me know if you ever have like 1 hour of freetime coming up, there's a video about someone who makes a five minute argument for the benefits of reading, and I think you'd like this particular talk as well.

    Also based on your thoughts on reading: i see it as food. Everyone's so fixated on reading reading reading. why? Cause someone says like HEY THIS BOOK'S GOOD FOR YOU. and like what the hell does that even mean?
    but what does good mean?

    That saying 'you are what you eat' needs to be reformed to 'you are what you absorb'. The food you eat isn't always good because it's only good when it's properly absorbed.

    So when someone just blindly says a book is good, they really mean actually the book had been good for them when they read it in a state that allowed them to absorb the material and apply it.

    That's why i no longer recommend books as objective sources of knowledge to peop.e. I try to get into their subjectivity and say, this will probably be what you'll absorb best now.

    But yes always be reading... but finding that reading you need at the moment for good absportiion and application is a lot of hard work in itself. But always be reading to get there.

    Abe avatar Abe | May 08, 2019 11:31:10
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      @seunoyebode @abrahamKim @santhoshguru This is in your wheelhouse. What say you? You both make very interesting points about reading. I thought sure this post would have your favorite quote from Shane Patton ;)

      Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | May 08, 2019 08:07:35
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    @seunoyebode - This should go in The Mafia book'.

    Letter to 20 somethings.

    Keni avatar Keni | May 07, 2019 21:52:22
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