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Aug 13, 2019 16:04:08

NO OPEN DRINKS | A Summer Near Westcity - v3 - 14

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Feeling more motivated to be productive than I'm used to, I went to the Eastcity library to search for jobs on the computer, but while holding my paper cup, I saw the NO OPEN DRINKS sign standing like a bouncer in front of the computer section. I still had half a cup left so I sat down to people-watch while sipping away.

The Eastcity public library compared to the university one is a different animal. It looks more a combination of childcare center and soup kitchen while the other looks like a ... well, a library. This university library is what I imagine when thinking a library. But maybe it's the other way around. Maybe others would enter the SU library and declare it an idiotically enormous cafe or night club where no one's happy and the air is either too dry and stale... or too salty... depending on how close to the food court you were.

After swallowing the last dregs while standing up, I walked over to drop the cup into a round hole of a plastic cover ontop of a recycling bin. Then I combbed the aisles of people watching YouTube or playing Minecraft or writing very ugly word documents, in search of the cleanest and most isolated open computer.

I ended up sitting across from a woman who was trying to confirm something online while speaking to someone on the phone. Info Errands. She was attempting to move money from one account to another so that she could pay an overdue bill. But the first account wasn't her's, but was a government fund that she was supposed to receive at a certain date of the month but hadn't. I wasn't inferring this, I could hear everything... not just what she said but the voice -- if you could call it that -- on the other end blaring, littered with static.

But I guess she's not all to blame. I could've worn these headphones and distracted myself with other things. Music or self-help YouTube videos, but instead I was listening. I was actually paying attention, piecing together the woman's story. I guess it must've been at least somewhat interesting. After her official phone call she called one of her friends and explained her entire situation in detail. And then I heard her make plans. After all this she took a deep sigh before leaving. 

My session for the computer was running out. I was prompted to increase my time. But I looked around and hit the button to terminate my session effective immediately. I took a lap around the library to glance at what everyone was doing. Nothing special. The thing that stood out the most was a homeless guy who was sleeping on an arm chair. 

After the lap, I thought about actually looking for jobs this time. I thought about it for almost a minute before I felt hungry. I looked at the time on my phone and then headed out.

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