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May 02, 2019 21:13:29

no stress

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A few days ago I did go through my old hard drive and I found a few of my notes from 2012. I have never been a writer, at school I couldn't write anything good and I was always struggling with the essays. So don't know why but around 2012 I decided to start writing and I wanted to start right at the beginning with the novel. The process should be similar to 200WaD I wanted to write a few sentences every day and I hoped it would lead to a whole book someday. Long story short it never happened I gave up after a few days (I read through it and the begging was promising, big loss for the world hehehe).ยจ

Anyway since that unfished novel, time to time, I wrote down some life thoughts. I didn't keep a diary I haven't been writing regularly but still, I can have some view into my mind since then and to be honest, it is not anything positive :/. Sometimes it was really depressing. I was quite surprised. 

I hope it was just cuz my bad mood forced me to write everything out of my mind and after that, I felt better cuz I usually write after breakups after failed school exams, a bad day at work and so.

Anyway, I shouldn't be so stressed and write also if I am in a happy mood hehe.


Stay with me. Efran.

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