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Feb 07, 2019 12:07:30

No Work Policy during festival holidays

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Currently I'm enjoying the Lunar New Year at home, this is the first time that we can just relax and stay at my parent home to enjoy the festival holidays, the past few years many things have happens around Lunar New Year, so we kind of need to busy travel around during Lunar New Year period.

One of the main thing that I have during this festival holidays is no work policy. Compare to Christmas & Year-end holidays which I might still be getting some support request, Lunar Near Year Holidays for sure is quiet because of where most of my clients and I stay. It's quite a big holidays around here.

Most of the time 2 or 3 days before the Lunar Near Year Eve, most of the client's project will be getting quiet or confirm schedule that continues the work after the holidays. 

I usually will choose a 'good day' to resume back to work, most of the time is within a week. We have the concepts that if you even need to continue to work during this festival holidays, most likely it's going to be a tough year for you, need to keep on working. I follow this tradition and start working after lucky back to work day.

So far this is a peaceful holiday, although some of my whole family still not feeling well, at least I can follow the no work policy strictly, give myself a break and take care of the kids. 

I still follow up some tech news and checking some emails, but strictly hands off from any client's work and my products. Tomorrow will be the official day back to work, let's hope everything will back on track.

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