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Feb 28, 2019 22:30:30

Nocode Movement

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I have been following up this the "no code" topic for a while, search it on twitter you will know that this is one of the latest trends. People are talking about how fast they can build with no code and how easy they can build MVP nowadays. Some developer hates it think that this might make them lose their income. Some developer loves it because it means more job, lots of no code MVP might getting the hit and would like to convert into a full suite app.

As a developer myself? I like the whole no code thing; it helps me to see the technology differently. When we developer use to think to build an e-commerce site going to spend so much effort and charging a lot, but the client now will ask what you make better then Shopify? Woocommerce? And you need to start selling what you build from a different angle. It helps me to see development as a product. 

A few relevant products that I can foresee.

No code Support as a service - no code sounds easy, but the hard part is how you glue with different services, maybe on-demand support services for some of the favourite no code tools are required.

No code Academy - teaching how to build things using no code tools, few people are doing on a small scale without huge success, we might see more of these coming.

No code Developers / Agency - Developer / Agency that build all sort of integrations for no code tools, or specialise in one no-code tool and become pro on it, for example, I think there are few agencies are famous for using Bubble.

No code Products - I think we have seen quite a few new products born based on existing no code products, for example, sheet2site, table2site etc.

It's this a doom for the developer? Nope, in fact, this gives more advantage to us developer. You just need to think about it how to position yourself. One of my favourite quote "We connect APIs, transform their data, send that to other APIs and charge users $ for it." from Pieter Levels.

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    @knight love the no-code agency idea. I'm sure there's an emerging market for it!

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Mar 02, 2019 21:05:38
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    @knight Omg! I have not been able to figure out what code is (yes! i'm from another planet!) and now i need to figure own whet no code is... heeeeeelp!!!

    Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 02, 2019 11:57:40
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