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Jul 30, 2019 16:48:36

Not in bed all day.

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Brian Ball

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Gluten Free pumpkin muffins with a cup of coffee are a favorite breakfast after a walk through the park. The bakery is a mile and a half away and if I walk there, I deserve a little treat. However, six-pack abs are purposely not on the menu at Arizmendi bakery. ( their purpose for selling goodies ).

For lunch today, I had spinach and broccoli and coconut yogurt and some chocolate protein powder. Not all together, however, that's kinda weird. I am an advocate of reducing your desires for certain foods by mixing them in nearly inedible recipes. Alas, today wasn't that date. It felt healthy enough and I went with it. It's 4:45 and I still haven't gotten my sweat on. I'm not worried whether I will or not, I just haven't figured out which muscle group I want to work. Or, do I want to do another session on the bike with hill repeats? I've got options.

To get to six-pack abs, I'm really going to have to put some new habits in place. Solid, filling, nutrient-dense yet low-calorie meals. General fitness. Plenty of rest and recovery. And something else I didn't consider at first. Psyche.

I woke up feeling rested today, but directionless. I knew action would solve it, and it did, but what if I hadn't know to just get up and start taking action? I may have been in bed all day.

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    @brianball I've been doing the 16:8 eating window for the past few months and find that it helps a lot! Especially when you check out your six-pack abs in the morning before you eat 💪

    Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jul 30, 2019 18:38:43
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      @jacklyons - haha.. I was a chubby kid. In college I worked out quite a bit but still didn't have that super-lean look. I'll probably look like a P.O.W. before I meet rectus-abdominus.

      These last couple of days are going well. I'm not feeling any desire to eat too much and I'm getting in some basic workouts. Need to add more strength training. Any tips?

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 30, 2019 21:17:14
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      @brianball climbing was a game-changer for me. I used to have a bit of puppy fat and thought I was fit (well, 'bro' fit). But when I started climbing regularly, doing laps up and down, and bouldering a ton, I started losing it all. Climbing leans you out a lot is good to get shredded :)

      Jack Lyons avatar Jack Lyons | Jul 31, 2019 09:27:55
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      @jacklyons - a few things are going on: 1. you're gaining a huge awareness of all your muscles. 2. you realize you'll improve if it's easier to pull your ass up the rock, 3. spending a few hours in a setting with other fit people each week primes you to make good food choices -- so yeah.. I'll have to consider it. I already have 2 other Gym memberships. One because it's $29 / year - the other because it's walking distance and I actually use it.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 31, 2019 11:59:29
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    @brianball There are many people who have not learned the trick that taking action solves a lot of problems. Glad to hear you are being deliberate with your choices.

    Brandon Wilson avatar Brandon Wilson | Jul 30, 2019 17:16:36
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      @brandonwilson - it seems this would be a good one to teach.

      Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 30, 2019 21:17:33
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