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Jan 12, 2019 22:31:45


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Today I realized something interesting about novelty and motivation. #200wordsTIL

I was picking up a race bib for a run tomorrow (they give me hot chocolate when I finish 💪) and the experience was kind of ... meh?

Short race. Shorter even than my usual Sunday run. You go there, get your number, pick up a t-shirt, buy some discount gear and ...


Been there done that. Just doing it for the chocolate. 


My first ever race expo a few years ago, that shit was exciting! New and amazing. There were vendors! And discounts! And you get the number! AND A SHIRT! And there's a photo booth!

New and exciting! I wanted to tell everyone. Share this wonderful moment.


A similar thing happens with technology.

When you learn something new it's exciting and amazing and you want to share it with the world. You write  blogposts, you tweet, you give talks, you want to teach everyone!


But it gets stale and unexciting. Boring even. You forget what it was like when JavaScript or React or whatever was new to you.

You take it for granted.


And that loss of enthusiasm, that feeling of been there done that, it makes teaching hard. 

Your job as teacher, talk giver, workshop instructor, your job is to be excited. Your excitement excites everyone else.

So how do you fight that feeling of staleness? 

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    @swizecteller I think some people are right whenever they quote Ikigai for such a dilemma. I think the sweet spot is to find something that interests you, and indulge in it in a way that is both meaningful as a greater whole, and also something that you are good at.

    I've found mine is to run around and try new things though =P So that many things may intersect, but I won't follow someone else's path for too long.

    Lex Tan avatar Lex Tan | Jan 13, 2019 06:09:01
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