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Jul 20, 2019 09:19:11

On breaking streaks

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Daniel Miller

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I've decided at a streak is less important than overall consistency. The last couple of days I was thinking about what an impact my regular bike riding has had on my happiness. But I can't possibly ride every day. Every Tuesday morning I have an early work meeting. Every-other Thursday I have an early work meeting. I was supposed to ride this morning, but I was so sleep deprived (from waking up early to ride and not being able to go to bed early enough due to Things To Do) that I didn't wake up in time. I could try to squeeze one in right now, but my body is still telling me it needs to NOT ride today. My only problem is we leave on vacation on Monday and I'm not sure how much I'll be able to ride, if at all, while we're gone. I'm looking into bike rentals but haven't secured one yet.

But what good is anxiety about a thing that brings me happiness?

The same could be said of writing. I'm writing to reach the goal of having a book-length collection of work. I don't get to write every day. And today I'm not writing something that goes into said collection. Today is just for the sake of doing it, to not let more than a day or two go by without typing out at least 200 words.

Yesterday my legs were pretty sore all day. Maybe I need a day of rest. It's not going to ruin my efforts. Nor is a missed day of writing, as long as it doesn't turn into missed DAYS of writing.

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    @danielmiller - the fact that you’re writing to seek understanding is great. I spent my first hour today doing just that. Keep going!

    Brian Ball avatar Brian Ball | Jul 20, 2019 07:24:52
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