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Jul 11, 2019 10:40:37

On Curiosity

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Jimmy Cerone

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Questions are like, my thing. I am always wondering something. For most, it’s probably their favorite quality about me. For me, it’s a quality that is frustratingly simple. You see I have never questioned why I am so curious. That is unheard of. I question everything.

So here is me attempting to discover why I am so curious.

I start my inquiry by wondering how my curiosity serves me. I don’t think my curiosity has ever not served me. It’s just a quality so highly prized. Interpersonally I’ve learned so much about how people work and their lives. Plus, everyone loves to talk about themselves so I’m generally well liked. Academically, all my professors have loved me and I’ve learned quickly because I ask question after question.

I can’t think of an instance where curiosity has not served me. So one reason I’m curious is because it freaking works.

But I think there is a deeper reason at work here. In a piece about cynicism and the desire to fix I wrote, I realized that curiosity is a powerfully attractive force. Being curious attracts attention. People praise you. Curiosity is honoring. If you are curious about a topic, it implies that you value the person who is teaching you about the topic. If you are curious about a person, it implies you value them.

In this way, curiosity is powerful. I always tell my girlfriend she is powerful because she sees the good in everyone and listens deeply. People are attracted to her because she is powerful. It wasn’t until right now that I realized in my own way, I’m powerful. I always tell my girlfriend to be careful with her powers. Power is always dangerous, in addition to creating great beauty. We have to learn how to use our powers. And mine are dangerous. I can make anyone think I’m intrigued by them. I can act like I’m interested in any field. I can learn anything rather quickly, if I set my mind to it. I can make connections few others would. Each of these powers comes with a responsibility to use them well. A responsibility I’ve at times taken too lightly.

Lately, though, I’m too busy to use my powers of curiosity. While it’s true that curiosity is powerful, it’s also energy intensive. No power comes for free. I’m tired these days. It saps me. I’m not reading. I’m too busy for it. I’m not asking great questions of my friends. I’m too busy for it.

Even that is not quite true. My schedule changes with the wind. Maybe I need some principles, some guidelines that would help me to rediscover this power of mine. An hour a day of reading. An hour a day of writing, scheduled that morning. Because I can always find 2 hours and if I can’t I’m kind of fucked.

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