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Apr 22, 2019 23:08:16

On my way to school

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There is a 15-minute distance between my apartment and the school office, and one primary school and kindergarten along the way. Every morning on my way to school walking through two districts, I always want to say something. Therefore, I write down my thoughts now in front of the computer at night, alone in my office.

Where I live is full of graduate or PhD students, young generations have a similar appearance. Sometimes at launch or dinner time, so many students crowding into the restaurant, and I would wonder why there is no one special face distinguished him or her from the group. It doesn't mean that they are not good looking, beauty and fancy cloth wouldn't add more interest to have a conversation with anyone. I want to know the reasons.

Then I pass by the primary school just on the corner of the street with where I live. There are hundreds of kids wearing the same school uniform distributed in such a small street corner waiting to get into the school entrance. You could tell the differences among them only from their height, no matter ages, genders and looks, they seem like the same kid with the same blank expression. It makes me feel ill every time. Still, I want to know the reasons.

Then I pass by the kindergarten on the corner of another street across my destination. It's a small kindergarten with hundreds of kids, too. Whenever I walk by, I could hear the kids are requiring to obey the teachers' order to do the same thing in a loud voice. If it's time to leave, parents or grandparents are holding hands with their kid in a hurry back home with a tired and annoying face."They think the child is a burden." I tell myself when I look at their facial expression. And the kid likes a little duck, not happy or not unhappy, with their companion.

At last, I arrived at my destination, my school office, also the destination of one kid from kindergarten, primary school and college. There are the same blank expressions, undoubtedly.


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