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Jan 30, 2019 13:50:07

On Scheduling and Sailing

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Jimmy Cerone

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Today I don't have a schedule and I don't want one.

My good friend called me crazy when I sent her a picture of my schedule, packed full of random meetings with myself and others.

I have good reason for this packed schedule. I feel that if I don't schedule something, I won't do anything, and most terrifying, I will miss the important thing.

So I make lists and plug my schedule like it's a sinking ship. The sad thing, though, is that this leaves me bailing water and putting out fires all day. I rush from one thing to another, always checking my map to see if I'm still on course. Frantically making adjustments when I find out there's a reef under me (or if, for example, it happens to snow a million inches and everything gets cancelled).

Slowly, through 2 snow days, my schedule has worn away. I can't do anything with temperatures so cold you'd get frostbite getting the mail. My ship's anchor fell into the water 2 days ago and I've been stuck ever since.

Oddly, I'm starting to enjoy the gentle rocking, the quiet lapping. I'm getting to know the sea around me. And I guess I'm realizing that maybe the best way to sail a ship is to enjoy the ride.

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