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Mar 04, 2019 23:24:31

On Sickness

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Jimmy Cerone

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I have a mild flu thingy today. I feel fine reclined and resting as I am, but getting up is surprisingly taxing. A friend of mine passed me her flu, which snuck up on her today and snuck up on me shortly after I brought her lunch. Luckily the throw up part hasn't snuck up on me yet (shout out to EmergenC). Nonetheless, I'm a bit useless yet proud that I recognized that fact and cancelled all my events for the night. My little cold put me out of work, dinner, and volunteering.

I'm amazed at that because normally I overextend myself like crazy so it's surprising to see myself take such good care of myself. It's also kind of sad it took being sick to get me to take care of my body. Honestly, I'm a little surprised at the fact I haven't been sick more often. Before last night, I hadn't gotten more than 8 hours of sleep in almost a month and my bedtime average was usually more early morning than late night.

What is even weirder to me, though, is the fact that I cleared my schedule to get myself well as fast as possible. I blew off my only time every week with one group of friends, $30 of work, and a volunteer session all in one day, yet most days I can cut out a single hour and end up awake till God knows when. If I can take care of myself so well when I'm sick, why can't I take care of healthy self?

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