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Jul 09, 2019 21:43:29

On the Shoreditch

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Tim Subiaco

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I take a breath and dive in. Pulling with both my hads I push through the wave of bodies crashing into me. I duck past elbows and unmbrellas. Faceless faces march steadily forwards.

She had blonde hair or maybe just the tips were blonde. She was short, but not too short.

I rummage in the folders of my memory throwing details over my shoulders.

She moved like a feather in the wind but also like a gypsy in the dirt. She had a wispy voice that carried an accent scarred by history.

I see nothing except suits and fanny packs. I'm in Shoreditch where the two tributaries of the banking and art scenes meet in a dirty confluence. I keep my head up and fight towards the bridge.

She had a round face. No but then again, it was angular. She stood straight, that's for certain. So straight that she almost bent backwards like an ancient bow.

I climb over someone that looks like she works in advertising and squeeze past a banker, stepping on his leather shoes for good measure (the revolution is constant).

But she was there.

"Hey you"

"Hey Cassie"

She hugged me and held me by the elbows. In a spasm, I turned her to the side and said that this is incredibly weird and we should go for a walk or something. She laughed a little and agreed.

I could feel her next to me. She didn't look my way but I could see her seeing me. I kind of forgot how upset I was at her. I mean you don't do that. You don't send winky emojis then ghost people. That winky emoji is just a killer, you know.

We move through the crowd together, me never far from her and her from me. We're veterans by now. We get off Brick Lane and find some stillness.

"Hey, you know Cassie. You didn't have to meet me. I mean I know you have things to do. I just didn't want you to meet me just because you said you would."

"No! No, it's not like that. Aww I was really excited to see you again."

My chest explodes. But she looks away and her voice kind of wanders off like a sage in the desert.

"I wanted to see you but it's just been so busy. I mean it's been a good trip but not like..."

I motion for us to keep walking. We can move slower now, in the dark and the quiet.

"Well, you remember my Dad. Ye, he's been quite poorly and well, umm..."

She looks down know and her brow is furrowed.

"... we don't know how much longer it's going to be now. I've been with him the past week and you know my sister. They've never really made up since the divorce and everyone blames him, I get that, but you know he did his best and mum wasn't all too nice either. But I thought we could have a dinner you know, all three of us and sort things out. I mean it's years since they last saw each other"

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