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Feb 06, 2019 16:57:10

On Watches

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Jimmy Cerone

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Time is a funny thing. Like many other things we've invented, time has come to control us.

My watch, usually my task master, is sitting alone in my room and I feel more relaxed than I have in months.

Much like my phone (which is in my jacket pocket - a much better spot for it than my pants pocket), I've become a slave to my watch. I check it constantly, jittery about missing an event or running late or simply "making the most of my time". I'm glad that, unlike my phone, my watch can't tell me how often I look at it. I'm glad I can't see how much time I've wasted checking the time. I'm glad I don't know how many moments I've failed to engage in because I am measuring my time like a miserly old Scrooge, counting it whenever I get the chance.

But those days are over. I took the chain off and I've felt lighter ever since. I never expected that leaving something so small behind would help me relax and enjoy the moment I'm in instead of waiting fearfully (or excitedly) for the next one.

The smallness of this little action is mirrored by the spark of it. I was in a meeting with a good friend and she mentioned offhand that she stopped wearing a wrist watch and felt better ever since. I figured it was worth a shot. 

The next experiment is to stop using an alarm. I figure if I have no guarantee that I'll wake up on time, I'll probably go to bed on time, too.

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