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Jun 03, 2019 08:39:36

On Writing

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Jimmy Cerone

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I hate to write. It's a sad reality for a kid who wants to write and finds it to be one of the only ways to write about what his curiosity digs up. At least I thought it was a sad reality until recently I began to think of writing as a way to simply put down ideas. I don't have to put writing out as my main content production forum. Back in the old days that might have been more of the case if I wanted to reach an audience of any size, but with the advent of video not so long ago it changed the game.

I love to talk. On camera, on stage, one on one. Conversation is my sweet spot and for me any talk or video is actually comfortable, unlike writing, which is like pulling teeth. I think this is in part because speaking engages more of my mind so there isn't as much room for my internal critic to dig at me. When I'm writing I'm always analyzing in the back of my head. Nothing is ever good enough and thanks to the backspace button, I can spend all day tinkering without any hope in sight. Speaking is more forgiving. I can make mistakes into being "relatable," and I can improvise on the go (which I love to do).

Maybe there comes a time when writing becomes the thing to do, but for now I'm going to use writing for my idea generation and video for my idea execution.

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