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Dec 26, 2018 10:20:40

One month as a digital nomad in Bali: What's next?

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Jason Leow

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Some thoughts after being a digital nomad in Ubud, Bali for one month. Is it all it's hyped out to be? Read why it's awesome here, and why its less awesome than I thought here.

😳 It's still awesome...mostly.

👌 Since it's the same working anywhere, would I stop doing otherwise? Stop traveling? Nope. But knowing that I seek novelty while nomading is telling of what life back home is lacking in. Perhaps a more balanced approach can be found. I can still be intentional about seeking out fresh inspiration and new experiences back home. Just because I got commitments back home, doesn't mean I can't plan time and make the necessary arrangements to nomad for some months in a year. It doesn't have to be either/or. I like to see my year in seasons of highs and lows, pulsing and pausing. A good approach for my life situation (wife, family, parents, and maybe kids in future) could be to have seasons of being nomad and native.

👌 It's a lifestyle that big on experiences and small on social support. If you can find a way to make friends and have support when you need it, all the while being in a foreign land, that'll be perfect. I think this is probably a rookie's mistake, of not being intentional about being social. Many of the basic needs like socializing are taken for granted back home. I don't even think about it because family and friends are (mostly) accessible. But that availability changes once I'm overseas. So yes, being intentional is key.

👌 It'll be interesting to see when the early adopters of the DN movement have children and start families. The DN lifestyle seems to make most sense of single folks. What happens when you need some semblance of stability for your children (like school, socializing etc)? How do we balance stability vs uncertainty? There's probably an emerging market for products and services serving nomad families!

👌 I'm grateful for being able to do this for sure. It's definitely a privileged position where I can both rave about how awesome it is to be nomading while complaining about it. First world problems, for sure!😆

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