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May 23, 2019 18:17:55

One of the main enemies of a human [stress]

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One of the main enemies of a human. It is what makes you to feel bad, scream at night while you are sleeping. It's the reason why you have everyday headaches, why you want to sleep always. It's the reason why you often get ill.

This enemy is stress.

There are only three kinds of this enemy that you must to know and distinguish, because the quality of your life depends on these skills.

Acute stress

Acute stress is hard stress that appears when something that we didn't expect happens. For example, fire in a house, beginning of the war, cheating of your partner when you thought that you both love each other, etc. Sometimes, a human can go crazy if the stress is very hard and the human doesn't have high emotional intelligence (first post, second post). 

Chronic stress

This kind of stress appears when we do what we don't love for a long time. For example, you have a job you hate, but you need to earn money to feed your family.

Healthy stress

Healthy stress is when we learn something new, when we get new experience mere of motion (voluntarily) when we decided to do it by ourself. This kind of stress helps us to develop yourself.

How to treat stress?

I don't know. When I will get to know about it, I write. 

But a doctor must make chronic stress to become acute stress. So, every chronic illness must become acute, at first. Then it becomes possible to treat and make human healthy.

We don't need to avoid stress, because it's impossible. But we need to learn the word "stress resistance".

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