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May 10, 2019 07:01:09

One year ago

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One year ago on the 9th Of May, Our country opposition party ended the 60 years of ruling party rule, we make it change the government after a few rounds of disappointment. 

It's not easy. I launch my first product within a week after I find out the actual voting date. Lots of people are trying to arrange carpooling to go home and vote, so I build a carpool matching system for car owners and users who need carpool. It's one of the first time I been involved indirectly with this national vote event. There are quite a few carpool site launch after my launch. A few days later there are people contact me, and I decided to close down the site and poll all the resources focus on one of the leading websites for this car polling thing.

I remember the day itself, I been follow up the whole change of government event. It starts from seeming like we win some of the new states until we get enough seat to form the new government, then it looks like something is wrong because the ruling party never declare lost, worry that they might still try to do something to avoid they are lost already.

Until the evening of the next day, when one of ex-Prime Minister finally signs up the document with full of tiredness, we finally can celebrate. The country has a successful change of hand without any terror or blooding event.

Checking on the facebook you can see everyone is trying their best for this national election, some special buy the ticket to come back, others help to arrange to logistic to bring back over seat vote to their destination.

It's still touching when I think about what happened one year ago, and I can proudly say I m a Malaysian to others. I can tell my kids that their dad has proudly contributed to saving the country a long time ago.

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