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Feb 23, 2019 20:32:31

Oneposters @oneposter

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200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters

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This account was an accident. (So was my pregnancy though!) But I decided to keep it! (Well... both.)


When I was writing "so grateful" I was (as You know) "roaming the labyrinth of words, tearing through the thicket of concepts, admiring imaginary structures of posts thin and fat, bumptious and chaste..." and "I encountered" not only (as You know!) "the weirdest creature. A specter", but also entities I decided to call ONEPOSTERS.

I imagine that You imagine, that there must be accounts with just one post. Though it is possible that You never gave a thought (apart from you, @basilesamel) how many of these there are. MANY. Nor, I imagine, You ever gave a thought what gets lost there, never to be found. EVERYTHING.

What struck me, swept me off my feet, took my breath away... when I read a few of them, was, how many beautiful posts fall into this lonely, peripheral, under-appreciated category. 

So I am going to search that far away land and bring you it's gems*.

You might not want to acknowledge them, You may not want to read them, You may not want me to bother you ever again (about onepposters, I'd like to emphasise!), but, I am going to do THAT (mistake?) one more time and paste here all the handles which i used in "so grateful".

I feel, WITHOUT A SHRED OF DOUBT, that I owe that to these lost souls (and sole souls there are!)

(*) First one I used in my todays post at @lucjah, a bit of a cheat it was, a bit of a bate, a bit of a probe.

And if you want to write angry comments... you will have to scroll all the bloody way down








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And now I go into hiding.... 

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    @OnepostersGems I'm going to be expecting gems now....

    Gabriel Greco avatar Gabriel Greco | Apr 10, 2019 10:26:25
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      @gabrielgreco hihihi... sometimes jams...
      well, in a way they are all gems, aren't they
      like tiny shooting stars, shining for a moment and...
      they are like 200WaD fingerprints with a soul, each unique
      for me they can be really moving

      200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Apr 11, 2019 21:27:54
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    @oneposter you are the best <3 love your ideas

    Basile Samel avatar Basile Samel | Mar 05, 2019 01:48:02
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      @zyumbik woooow... <blushing>
      it is good, isn't it... hihi
      yes, visit! and bear with "us" - as it is @oneposters space, and so I decided that there will be only onestreaker posts, each farewelled by a sad tear :-)))
      (and... it also makes it a bit easier to manage, as this is my second 200 words on 200WaD, and even though I do not actually write those words, I do search/research them...)

      Lucjah avatar Lucjah | Mar 04, 2019 20:54:41
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      @oneposter @lucjah yeah that's really cool! Please, keep doing this! It would be even cooler if your research will help us find a solution to the problem of one-time posters. How can we motivate people to continue? I would love to see the statistics graph of how many people posted how many posts. How much more there are of one-posters relative to two-posters? And ten-posters? And when does the graph fall heavily? At what day do most people drop writing? First, second? @basilesamel

    • 1

      @zyumbik THAAAANK YOU!!! (You are wonderful :-)

      Everything what you talk about are EXACTLY the things i started thinking about once I jumped dooooown the Fellowship wall.
      (This here, @oneposter profile, is more a commemoration of the guys who came, wrote and disappeared...)
      All these questions are fascinating and crucial, and... @basilesamel, I WOULD LOVE TO HELP however I could to help you find answers, yet... my way of thinking is 100% analog, so if you guys have any ideas, throw them...

      And actually

      So @philh, no time to perfect the project! I think we need to write what we have thought about and give it to Basile, especially that just yesterday you @basilesamel mentioned readiness to proceed with the Couch.
      I imagine making it more detailed, better defined and... "cuter",would be cool, but it seems for me that the need for using Couch now is bigger than the need for it to be "more comfortable" ( exactly as Basile wrote in your last post!)

      So, jumping theeeereeee...

      200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Mar 05, 2019 10:45:39
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      @zyumbik I dont have connections in my brain to think about solving problems thru algorithms. I know we need to fish oneposters out, ask ourselves question related to this particular phenomena and try to look for answers, preferably by preparing some kind of questionnaire and try to contact them and ask these questions... then categorise the replies and.. try to form conclusions. I could come up with an idea of checking which time of a day or a week or month these people wrote one post and never come back - maybe its the end of the month or very late at night situation, so maybe we can do something to catch them... or something along these lines...
      But to imagine HOW we could obtain information on <statistics graph of how many people posted how many posts>... kill me and I will not give you an answer... ever

      200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Mar 05, 2019 15:22:12
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      @zyumbik Couch... almost there, it will actually be Lounges, many of them!

      200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters avatar 200WaD Research Lab: Oneposters | Mar 05, 2019 15:22:43
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    @oneposter wow. this self-referential post most probably means the writer won't ever write again since the whole post refers to oneposters! :)

    The Pageman avatar The Pageman | Feb 28, 2019 13:19:32
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    @oneposter Wow What is this madness?

    Navin avatar Navin | Feb 25, 2019 07:49:51
  • 1

    @oneposter Partner up with Baz and send these one trick ponies aka 1 Posters a Dear John "missing you" letter.

    Mark Armstrong avatar Mark Armstrong | Feb 24, 2019 19:23:51
  • 1

    @oneposter love thi sidea. can't wait to see the oneposters you'll share

    Jason Leow avatar Jason Leow | Feb 24, 2019 11:38:53
  • 1

    @oneposter Wonderful idea!!! ??

    PhilH avatar PhilH | Feb 23, 2019 22:59:32
  • 1

    @oneposter I'm looking forward to this! Here's to the archaeologists of 200WaD!

    Tim Subiaco avatar Tim Subiaco | Feb 23, 2019 22:26:50
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